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Flight Sim Events

We run weekly and special Flight Sim events! All events are designed to cater for GA and Commercial pilots no matter what simulator your own or if you fly online or offline! We design our flight sim events to be for all experience and knowledge levels whilst following the trends of the community!

Virtual Airline

The Aus Virtual Pilots Virtual Airline is designed for pilots looking for either a single player experience or a multiplayer experience. Track your progress with Aus Virtual Pilots in our VA by flying all over the world on routes of your choice and within our events! 

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AVP Academy

New to Flight Sim or wanting to expand your knowledge? The AVP Academy is a one-stop learning Youtube playlist with dedicated videos to help get you started in Flight Sim! Hosted by our community leaders and members feel free to jump on a livestream or view the playlist in your own time!

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Who are we?

Aus Virtual Pilots is an Australian Flight Simulation and aviation enthusiast group. Our goal for Flight Sim in Australia is to build a community and meet new people with the same interest. No matter what your level of knowledge or which simulator you use, we provide support for Microsoft Flight Simulator, Prepar 3D and X Plane.

We have a Youtube channel to bring you product reviews, interviews and streams. We aim to bring together our shared love of Flight Simulation and Aviation and hope that you will join us!

Flight Meet-Ups

Flight Meet-ups can be made by anyone within the group via our Discord server. No matter what you wish to fly on for multiplayer networks, simply state your DEP and ARV, departure time, and any other necessary information such as your gate spawn or aircraft to meet at any time and organise Flight Meet-ups with other members of the group.


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No matter if you are new to flight sim or you are just getting started, the AVP  Virtual Airline  is designed for all flight simmers to ve apart of the best Australian flight sim group.

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