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About Us

Aus Virtual Pilots is an Australian Flight Simulation and aviation enthusiast group. Our goal is to build and revolutionise the flight sim community in Australia by bringing together new people and forming new relationships. Aus Virtual Pilots accepts everyone no matter what your background or knowledge is. We all share the same passion for aviation and it's through this we stay true to our goal.

Nicholas Mayson, Founder and President of Aus Virtual Pilots, conceived this idea back in January of 2021 when he asked on a small Australian Flight Sim forum whether anyone would be interested in flying together. Shortly thereafter, Nicholas formed a small initial group with 5 members. Brad, one of the initial members, would fly with Nicholas and keep each other up to date with their flight progress via the comment sections of a Facebook post.

Fast forward 6 months and the group has built up its membership by over 1000 active participants. Facebook, Public and Group pages, a dedicated Youtube channel and a Discord server are in place to encourage members to fly with one another. Aus Virtual Pilots prides itself on supporting all simulator users from Microsoft Flight Simulator, Prepar 3D and X Plane. Additionally, running monthly Flight Sim events via various multiplayer networks, Aus Virtual Pilots also runs events in person across the country at expos, enclosed simulator meetups, and much more. Also Aus Virtual Pilots partners with many people and aviation organisations to inspire youth to get involved in the world of aviation and promote career opportunities within the industry!

We have grown to a full staffing team built up of passionate members from all backgrounds across Australia and New Zealand with some having real-world aviation experience. We pride ourselves on looking to the future on being a collaborative community and supporting one another with the addition of our AVP Academy. It has brought so many members together and forged unimaginable friendships and memories that forever will be cherished by each and every member. We value each member and we can't wait to see what the future hold for us and the rest of the group!



'I am proud to see AVP become an emerging Australian Flight Sim and Aviation enthusiast group' - Nicholas Mayson, Founder and President of AVP

Nicholas Mayson 
Founder and President of Aus Virtual Pilots 

Aus Virtual Pilots was conceived out of my love and passion for aviation. My love for aviation goes back as far as I can remember admiring the big Qantas jumbo jets with their red tails. I remember flying overseas for the first time at 5 years old from Sydney to Los Angeles on the Queen of the Skies, the Qantas Boeing 747-400.

Since then, I have been 'hooked' on aviation, and later at age 7, I bought my first Flight Sim, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002. I still remember the 3 installation discs in the shiny reflective bronze disc face and the Flying Instructor's voice. Since then, I have strived to further my knowledge of both Flight Sim and Flying. It has always been my dream to build a vast Flight Sim community in Australia. Aus Virtual Pilots is the realisation of that dream and I wish to see all virtual pilots across Australia to join together as a community.

My aim is to continue serving Aus Virtual Pilots and build a  community recognised within Australia that supports its members and represents our shared passion for aviation. We shall continue to learn as pilots with the philosophy that we never stop accumulating knowledge.


Aus Virtual Pilots Staff Team

Executive Staff Team

Nicholas Mayson
President of Aus Virtual Pilots

Ryan Taylor
VA Manager / Events Manager

Nathan Peralta
Community Manager

Aus Virtual Pilots Virtual Airline

Ryan Taylor
VA Manager / Events Manager

Nathan Peralta
Aus Virtual Pilots VA Admin

David Duff
Aus Virtual Pilots Event Team

Richard White
Aus Virtual Pilots VA Admin

Daniel Hilliard
Aus Virtual Pilots Audio Design

Ron A. Bolton
Aus Virtual Pilots VA Admin

Aus Virtual Pilots Discord

Aus Virtual Pilots Discord Manager

Aus Virtual Pilots Discord Admin

Aus Virtual Pilots Event Hosts

Neil Cook
Aus Virtual Pilots GA Sunday Showcase Host

Ron A. Bolton
Aus Virtual Pilots Turbulent Tuesday / Jet Thursday Host

Aus Virtual Pilots Tech Team

Aus Virtual Pilots Tech Team Member