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Track and Record your Flight Sim Experience with AVP

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 Virtual Airline Instructions Manual V1
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Fly your way

Start a new Flight Sim career with us

Regional, International & Cargo Aircraft

Choices for Everyone

Suitable for all Sims

Track your aircraft stats

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Your in control

Set and achieve your goals

Be in control, pick your aircraft, select your route and fly wherever you wish to go!

Set your own goals on your journey through Flight Sim, achieve them and be rewarded!

Events and rewards

Join community events together or in your own time and get 

rewarded for participation!

Serving the community

We offer


Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, Prepar 3D, XPlane, FSX.

Any sim using FSUIPC is permitted.

Exclusive liveries available across all sims for the most commonly used aircraft.

All pilots are very active in our Discord channel. Talking, flying and much more!

Receive Bonus Points and win giveaways on our special events each month!

Sign up for free and track a log of flying with the Aus Virtual Pilots social Flight Sim group. All routes offered are based on Aus Virtual Pilots events. View a LIVE map of Aus Virtual Pilots members flying on our events too! All-inclusive no matter how you like to fly!

Tailored to Aus virtual Pilots events and Community

Flexible options
and rule 

Easy to use flight tracker VAMSYS

Various routes and Requestable Routes

Fly Fictional and Real

Image by Jumpei Mokudai

Professional ACARS
Tracking Software

Use our VAMSYS Pegasus Professional ACARS Tracking Software for your flights, fully integrated with Boarding music, announcements and sounds!

  • Simbrief Intergration

  • Use Booked Flights

  • Use your own Routes

  • Flight announcements and Sounds

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Choose your Route and Airline

With over 10,000 pre-existing routes select where you wish to fly and whom you wish to fly with! We allow flexibility with liveries and give you the choice whether it be Aus Virtual Pilots airline or your favourite carrier!

  • Over 10,000 routes to choose from

  • Livery and Carrier Flexibility

  • Route Requests


Community Events

We run weekly flight events 3 times a week with 1 special event every month! These are organised groupflights for your enjoyment. Some Events are in an airliner flying IFR, Flying General Aviation planes. Sometimes even the classic aircraft!

  • Group flights

  • Discord text and voice chat

  • Support

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Focus Airports

Explore various Airports worldwide each month and earn bonus points. Fly in an out of any focus airport each month and gain extra points to go towards your leaderboard! Stay in Australia or go international with our holiday destinations! 

  • Focus Airports both in Australia and International

  • Holiday Destinations get you exploring the world

  • Earn extra points


Climb the Leaderboard & WIN

Fly and receive bonus points to climb the leaderboards and get rewarded! The more you fly the more you earn! Special bonus points are awarded to Focus Airports, Holiday Destinations, and all events. Additionally WIN Giveaways with Aus Virtual Pilots throughout each Special Event!

  • 3+ Different leaderboards spanning over week, month, and all time.

  • The more you fly the more you climb!

  • Win Giveaways through Special Events with Aus Virtual pilots VA!


Be Featured 
On Facebook & Instagram

Share the screenshots of your flights and be featured on our social pages, Facebook and Instagram! The best screenshots may earn a permanent spot too!

  • Follow us on our socials Facebook and Instagram @ausvirtualpilots

  • Post screenshots in our #screenshots channel to have the chance at being featured!

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Read our Manual

New to the Aus Virtual Pilots Virtual Airline? We have made a Free PDF Manual to help you get started in the Aus Virtual Pilots Virtual Airline! Simply click down below to view!

AVP VA manual September 22.png