• Nicholas Mayson

Bendigo YBDG for Microsoft Flight Simulator by Impulse Simulations: Review

Impulse Simulations has released its latest project for 2022, Bendigo Airport (YBDG). The team have brought Bendigo in all its glory to Microsoft Flight Simulator as they have done so well in the past with other projects. Located only 150 kilometres northwest of Melbourne, Bendigo is one of Australia's gold towns after a large discovery of gold in Bendigo Creek.

If there is any gold to be found it's in the fantastic work Impulse Simulations have put into this project. Bendigo Airport management worked closely with Impulse Simulations to recreate the airport to the best of their ability. There are plans on behalf of Bendigo Airport to renovate a new terminal soon and extend the main runway. Impulse Simulations have already confirmed they plan to revisit the project once the renovations are complete.

Bendigo Airport offers a range of commercial and light aircraft operations including emergency services, flight training and several charter operations. Currently Qantas Link is the only airline that flies into Bendigo. Flying Dash 8 Q400s on the route currently, which we hope to see come to the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 product line in the future.

The Airport Terminal

The Airport terminal at Bendigo is planned to undergo a renovation, however, it was with no hesitation the Impulse Simulations team jumped straight in making a great detailed interior. From the check-in, baggage drop, car rentals and even a fly-well pack!

The Airport Building Exterior

The Airport building exterior is not short of small details for you to go find or be mesmerized by from your cockpit window. Spinning air conditioning fans at different speeds are fantastic additions. Bendigo Airport signs as well as the classic 'Bendigo' on the brick wall also is displayed.

The Airport Hangars

The Airport hangars are fantastic, I was so amazed as I pulled up my aircraft in front of the doors to be blown away as it opened up before my very eyes! A real surprise and one I cannot wait to try out more!

Other Airport Buildings

The other Airport Buildings are quite diverse in the local aviation services and flight schools. All buildings included high-quality textures and very clear signage which could be seen from far too.

The Airport Apron and Ground

The Airport apron and ground has much ground clutter and utilities. Clutter such as baggage trolleys, cones, oil and water tanks too! We also have the inclusion of animated windsocks. Additionally, there are static helicopters located around the airport for viewing!

The Runways and Taxiways

The Airport runways and taxiways are textured really well. The Runway features a realistic sloping with height data. A fantastic sight was turning onto the runway and being met with a wavy slope! Wheel markings were done well and appeared crisp and clear. Taxiways featured consistent quality texturing and also featured runway entry lights that flashed.

Surrounding Airport Buildings and POI's

The surrounding airport buildings are fantastic with some of Bendigo's highlighted attractions. Bendigo Hospital is an amazing POI as it includes a high-textured, lit Helicopter landing pad. Perfect for emergency services!

Additionally, there are many other fantastic POI's such as Central Deborah Gold Mine, Sacred Heart Cathedral (including correct night lighting), and the Great Stupa of Universal Compassion. But, it wouldn't be an Impulse Simulations scenery product without a Bunnings!

The Verdict

Bendigo Airport by the Impulse Simulation team continues on in a series of high quality products for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Bendigo has a lot to offer for both GA flight simmers and commercial IFR Flight Simmers too. It promises extensive use from GA, IFR and emergency service flight simming.

The scenery also works very smoothly, through my time using it for almost 1 hour and a half my simulator stayed locked at nearly 60 FPS.

Bendigo is a fantastic pick up for anyone interested as well in regional flying. If you find yourself getting a little tired of the major Australian airports this is a great pick up. We do hope to see a Dash 8 in the simulator soon although we are aware a Saab 340 is on its way. There is much to love here in Victoria's Golden town.

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Full list of Features
  • Full PBR Texturing

  • 20cm Aerial Coverage provided by Metromap (Aerometrex)

  • 100+ Custom Assets

  • Detailed Taxiway & Ground markings

  • 15,000+ Hand Placed Objects

  • Accurate Terminal Model & Interior

  • Realistic Night Lighting

  • Interactive Hangars (HEMS & Bendigo Aviation Services) will open and close based on user distance.

  • Corrected Vegetation for airport and surroundings.

  • Custom POI’s

  • Bendigo Base Hospital (Including Helipad)

  • Central Deborah Gold Mine

  • Sacred Heart Cathedral (Includes Correct Night Lighting

  • The Great Stupa of Universal Compassion

  • Custom Height Data 5 Meter

  • Custom Fuel Points

  • Custom Airport Services

  • Runway Guard Lights

  • Custom Animations