• Nicholas Mayson

Aus Virtual Pilots Future Multiplayer Events

Updated: May 22

Aus Virtual Pilots has turned a new leaf in the month of August by bringing brand new weekly events on top of what already existed such as the Flight Meetups Program. These events serve a purpose to those flying GA and IFR, from props to big jet airliners.

At AVP we recognised a large part of the community was eager to get involved in GA and VFR flying, preferably in a more relaxed setting as opposed to multiplayer networks with ATC. Although AVP encourages and supports members in making the jump to such platforms of multiplayer flying we do understand that people wish to also have a more relaxed approach when social flying. We aim to take part in various multiplayer networks. This also applies in the form of simulators that we use ranging from MSFS, P3D and Xplane.

GA Sunday showcase is our new recurring weekly event. Exclusive to Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 users, as it makes use of the inbuilt multiplayer network and the 3D photo geometry. Held on Sundays at 3:00 PM AEST (05:00 UTC), GA Sunday Showcase allows members of our community to showcase a part of the world of their choosing. Whether the location is that of significant importance (i.e. hometown, favourite holiday destination) or simply a scenic route, members have the opportunity to contact AVP and book a Sunday afternoon slot. We have seen much excitement around this style of event and this was easily proven at our Gold Coast VFR Event held on the 22nd of August at 3:00 PM AEST. We saw over 55+ Aircraft join to the point where the Simulator couldn't render additional planes!

Over the next few weeks, AVP will continue these events at the same time in the hopes that it will reach new members and bring new experiences to our community!

There is no doubt that some of our pilots love flying their commercial aircraft whether that is the props like an ATR or Dash 8. The standard 737s and A320s. Or even the 777s ranging up towards the jumbo 747s and A380s. We look for these events to be accessible no matter what network you use for multiplayer.

Here at AVP, our Flight Meetups program has worked quite well for our commercial aircraft pilots. Flight Meetups allows members to post on our Discord channel their flight intentions to which other members will be able to view and join in on.

However, our special Monthly events see 2-3 commercial aircraft events come to the surface for those members. We look at involving a range of short to long haul flights.

In the month of September, we see the Uluru Special event return, as well as the Cross to Queenstown. These events will be aimed at seeking what members desire for commercial flights and soon we hope to have a bit more variation in October.

We can state that we are looking to the horizon with our events and will be looking to host a Qantas Tribute event coming in November 2021. More details will be released soon.

As well as a new event to soon celebrate the release of the FBW A380 coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator! Dubai Long Haul with an Emirates tribute! These events will all soon be released when we have more details to update our members.

For now please keep up to date with the Facebook public page, group page and our website. Subscribe to our mailing list for more information or do not hesitate to contact us.