• Nathan Peralta

Gold Coast VFR Aircraft Recommendations

Updated: Feb 21

Welcome all members old, new and everything in between to the first blog post of Australian Virtual Pilots (Aus Virtual Pilots for short).

As you know the group was founded by Nicholas Mayson in January 2021 with the view of bringing the flight simulation community together from the experts who have been using flight simulators in some instances for 20 plus years, through to beginners who may just be getting into it. The view of the group was primarily to get together online, have fun and most of all support those with issues or that may be less experienced than others in a safe environment free of any judgement because hey we all started somewhere right!

In July the group expanded exponentially which lead to two further volunteer admin members being brought into the picture being Brad and myself (Nathan). The group has continued expanding with a dedicated website, Discord server, YouTube channel and soon to be a weekly podcast (The Tower)

On Sunday 22nd August 2021 we will be hosting the Gold Coast VFR commencing at 3pm AEST from Gold Coast Airport (YBCG). The first leg we head north to Southport Airport (YSPT) before heading south to Murwillumbah Airport (YMUR) before heading back to the Gold Coast Airport (YBCG) to finish off the flight. Now think of aircraft to enjoy the sights we have our suggestions below to assist in helping you make the right decision:

Cessna 152 - With a nice cruise speed of 105 knots and great handling it is certainly hard to go past. When full of AvGas this aircraft will give you approximately 5 hours endurance for a range of approximately 415nm. Unfortunately, the aircraft has no autopilot or GPS capability so if you want to be in control this aircraft is for you.

Cessna 172 - For those with a bit more ‘need for speed’ the Cessna 172 offers a cruise speed of around 124 knots, 5 hours endurance and approximately 640nm range. The aircraft offers a bit more in the way of technology, contains a GPS and autopilot so you can enjoy the sights and monitor the aircraft.

Diamond DA40 - again for those with a bit more need for speed the Diamond DA40 offers a cruise speed of 120 knots. The aircraft offers an endurance of six hours and a range of 741nm. This aircraft also offers a bit more in the way of technology, contains a GPS and autopilot so you can enjoy the sights and monitor the aircraft.

If you want further increases in speed you can also try one of the twin-engine aircraft available. There are also some great payware aircraft such as the Piper Warrior, Arrow and Turbo Arrow and the Jabiru which are available through the Microsoft Marketplace.

Hope to see you all there and don’t forget to RSVP to the event and attend to go into the running for detailed Southport Airport scenery.

All images were sourced from Windows Central