• Nicholas Mayson

Aus Virtual Pilots moving forward thanks to your support!

Aus Virtual Pilots is a non-profit organisation built for flight simmers, thanks to premium members supporting us we are able to stay existent and bring new features to Aus Virtual Pilots.

Aus Virtual Pilots has been in transition over the past few months since moving from the Patreon platform to our in-house website membership system. We now look to provide monthly updates to our premium members as well as email newsletters. We are so grateful for the premium members supporting us and have not been forgotten. We aim to over the next few months increase benefits and give back to our premium members.

Aus Virtual Pilots Aircraft Liveries

Aus Virtual Pilots has been working towards a library of aircraft liveries and now thank you to our premium members' donations we have been able to deliver a large and growing hangar of liveries available for Microsoft Flight Simulator and coming soon to P3D and Xplane. We are on the lookout for more aircraft liveries for different aircraft across simulators and hope to provide more to you soon! All liveries are available to download in the AVP Virtual Airline. We also would like to extend a large Thank You to Dave! Dave has helped provide some liveries in addition to the ones already existing and we are also so thankful for his warm generosity!

Website, Business Name Register and Socials

Additionally, we are very thankful to have renewed protection of the Aus Virtual Pilots name. We love our brand as much as our members and its with great appreciation of the premium members we are able to protect our name. Additionally, we have also covered our costs for the Aus Virtual Pilots Website for this year. More on how we have expanded our website can be found below in the paragraphs below. Our website has a growing list of features. Our website will also be undertaking a few graphic changes for ease of use.

Graphic Software

Aus Virtual Pilots aims to maintain a premium brand and therefore we have obtained graphic software to continue to provide our premium brand appearance.

We love promoting our groups through its unique brand style and use of colours and its due to the software programs we have that allow us to do this.

New Promotional Campaign Coming

In addition to new graphic software, we are designing a brand new promotional campaign to further spread our wings and reach new members in Australia and New Zealand. More will be released about this in August!

Aus Virtual Pilots and the AVP Academy

The Aus Virtual Pilots group has recently released the AVP Academy with new features thanks to our premium members. We are now able to fund a premium zoom account to hold online AVP Academy classes with the function to record classes too! The AVP academy also provides premium benefits such as Aircraft Lessons, PC consultations, Hardware Consultations and much more. The AVP Academy is planning a rollout later this year with more features thanks again to the support of premium members.

Coming Soon!

Thanks to the support of our premium members, we are planning to release more features before the end of this year. Features across our website, the Aus Virtual Pilot VA, and our Discord. We will look to hold a member meeting soon after we release a roadmap for the next four months beginning July. We are planning a large giveaway in November and look forward to sharing more details with you soon.

On behalf of Aus Virtual Pilots we apologise for the lapse in communication as we plan to undertake a few changes in the next month but look forward to sharing more details with you soon about what we are bringing back to the community. We are so grateful for every member and their involvement. We will have more to show you on our socials in the weeks to come before June ends.

With a premium membership your able to support Aus Virtual Pilots in staying a premium flight sim group. All donations is returned and injected back in the group. In return we provide benefits such as exclusive giveaways (returning in July), AVP academy Benefits, and Discount Codes to Impulse Simulations and Auscene.