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Model Matching for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Updated: May 22

What is model matching and how to set it up for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

A330-300 and Boeing 737-800 Qantas Model Matching

Model Matching in Microsoft Flight Simulator is slowly improving as time goes on. Model matching is quite favoured by members of the flight sim community that typically fly on multiplayer networks. Model Matching allows pilots that wish to see realistic traffic based on aircraft callsigns. Used across various simulator platforms such as FSX, P3D and X-plane. The model matching for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is slowly improving. The community has various standout members working hard to build files, programs and tutorials on how to set it up.

VMR Files is what drives the model matching to work. Earlier on in the startup of the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, we saw members of the community put together their VMR files for users looking to do multiplayer networks. They shared these files via various sites such as Flight Sim.io etc. However, 5 months on there has been vast improvement with community members now building tools to allow members of the community to easily make their own model matching files with the simple task of adding liveries into their community folder given they have the corresponding aircraft installed.

It is amazing fun to see Jetstar A320s landing into the Goast or the occasional 747-400 Land at Sydney Airport on 34L! It does take a bit of time to set up but hey let's be honest it is much better than seeing the banana A380 with 747 winglets!

Speaking from a personal experience point of view, I have found model matching to be a bit of a skill or something you have to tweak to get just right. My message is that you got to make sure that you experiment, it will never be perfect, things will change and sometimes it will be very frustrating to see Qantas in the backwards font! But make sure you look at it positively and go back to tweak, touch up and review every few months or so. Especially if you purchase a new aircraft! As it will allow you to add a new physical model for your model matching. Model matching is personalised based on each and everyone's sim so make sure you customise it to your preferences. Consider where you will fly predominately, what aircraft you will most likely come across on multiplayer networks too!

To get started in setting up your model matching for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 I refer you to the very talented British Avgeek who himself put together a model matching file for Australian Traffic! He has also made very easy step guides on how to set up model matching too! We have linked below a playlist to all his model matching videos. If you have any further questions or need someone to spawn in a network to test out aircraft models with you do not hesitate to contact us on the discord!

Images Sourced from British Avgeek on FlightSim.To

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British Avgeeks videos put together by Aus Virtual Pilots

Youtube Playlist - https://bit.ly/3jSRd1X