• Nicholas Mayson

ORBX Tease Gold Coast Cityscape for MSFS, Aus Virtual Pilots sets release date on AVP Academy

Following the Australia update we have heard that one of Australias biggest developer ORBX is going back in on Melbourne for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. A highly anticipated airport for the new flight simulator. We have seen ORBX provide us with many fantastic city scapes and landmarks packages too, including the likes of Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and soon to come Melbourne.

However, in the last world update to the new sim it appears many people missed the easter egg/tease Orbx left on the Gold Coast. Located along the coast just north of Surfers Paradise you will find with the world update installed a Meriton apartments building. This building stands out compared to the Bing data buildings and features texturing, interior modeling and dynamic lighting. You can see in the images below it is most certainly not a default building. It even features an animated red flashing beacon on top.

If it was to the likes of brining better buildings to the Gold Coast why has Q1 the most notable building on the skyline of the Gold Coast not been done to fix its melting appearance and its terrible night lighting. To me this is a tease of whats to come. We can assume its ORBX who have done this as we already know they played a huge role in the last World Update for Australia working hand in hand with Microsoft. As well, ORBX has made a cityscape for the gold coast in the past for FSX and P3D so whats stopping us from assuming the same here? So next time your on the Gold Coast in Microsoft Flight Simulator, fly on over and check it out for yourself!

As you can see below, Q1 is just as poor in terms of the model itself, suggesting that Meriton Appartment building was most likely made by a developer. Additionally you can also see that the building does not feature on the landmarks map in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

Is it possible we will see a cityscape or landmarks pack drop with a Gold Coast

Airport Payware scenery? Time will tell!

AVP Academy Release Date

Many Aus Virtual Pilot members have been eager to hear about our release date for the new updated AVP Academy featuring Free Classes and Lectures on improving your Flight Sim experience, learning charts and other navigational aids, learning to talk to ATC and much more. In addition, the new AVP Academy also brings Aircraft Lessons for bookings, Hardware support and consultation, PC Consultation, Support Forums and Flight Experience Australia's soon to be released Flight Sim experience designed for Aus Virtual Pilot members and Flight Simulator enthusiasts.

We also are releasing Free to do courses in your own time and solo with the option of support. These courses are designed to get you to your desired flight sim goals.

The Release date for this program currently stands at May 2nd 2022 with a Demonstration Night to be streamed and announced in the coming months.