• Nicholas Mayson

What's On: July 2022

Find out information about what's coming up in July 2022 here at Aus Virtual Pilots.

June has been a great month for Aus Virtual Pilots and its members. We ran our first ever Retro Series special Event which saw great participation from members, as well as increased numbers and great feedback across Turbulent Tuesday, Jet Thursday, and GA Sunday.

July aims to be another great month as we continue to roll out more features and new events. We also have new updates for the AVP Virtual Airline and a new online ATC communication class on behalf of the AVP Academy.

Special Event for July

This month's special event is one from our Aircraft and Airline Ops Series and features Startrack Freight and the BAE 146. We will focus on real procedures and operations to the airports, navigation and of course the BAE 146! This event will also be flyable in the Aus Virtual Pilots Virtual Airline. We hope to see you there

*We plan for all special events to be aimed for the end of each month on a Friday.

Any questions about this event can be directed to the events manager on discord or message us via the website or our email!

Weekly Events

Our weekly events will be continuing as normal! All details of each event can be found below as well as by keeping up to date on our discord.

Turbulent Tuesday

Turbulent Tuesday is continuing to focus on more emergency situations from around the globe, If you haven't done so already take your flight sim to a new challenge and experience the fun and realistic communications of

Turbulent Tuesdays!

Jet Thursday

Jet Thursday is continuing its Airliner Events but will be making a shift to focus more alongside the virtual airline so that members can earn bonus points. This means what focus airports and

holiday destinations are on for a month will relate to Jet Thursday's events. So jump on in and make sure your on the virtual airline too so you can start collecting

your bonus points!

GA Sunday Showcase

Our most popular event, continuing

strongly. Jump on and enjoy a casual GA flight with the members as we explore the world through props, turbos and the occasional helicopter! It is the perfect event at the end of the week so make sure

you give it a go!

Please do not forget to thank our amazing hosts who volunteer their time to make us have fun each and every week! Thank you to the events team who have been really helping us out we really appreciate all you do!

AVP Academy - Online Class and Features

The AVP Academy has launched the last month bringing many features to the platform. You can now book private lessons for various aircraft (GA coming soon), book hardware and PC consultations and of course attend our monthly classes.

Please note some academy features are available to premium members only. To become a premium member, head to the 'Join us' page on our website.

A beginner guide to getting started on Online ATC Multiplayer networks. Learn everything from networks, software, communication language, procedures and much more.

Learning outcomes:

- Be able to connect to an online ATC network (all simulators).

- File a flightplan with simbrief.

- Complete a circuit at a single runway airport. With a touch and go.

- Learn terminology and language of Air to Ground communication.

Aus Virtual Pilots Virtual Airline

The Aus Virtual Pilots VA is a Flight career progress system built around the Aus Virtual Pilots' weekly and special events. Choose to fly in your own time, on events, with others or just by yourself! Sign up for free and track a log of flying with the Aus Virtual Pilots Flight Sim group. All routes offered are based on Aus Virtual Pilots events. View a LIVE map of Aus Virtual Pilots members flying on our events too! All-inclusive no matter how you like to fly!

Focus Airport Airports and Holiday Destinations

Growth across Aus Virtual Pilots

Website - The Aus Virtual Pilots Website has been growing in views and usage with a growth of 104% in the last 21 days.

Aus Virtual Pilots VA - The Virtual Airline has had more pilots join and seen hours increase as well.

Facebook Group - More members are joining our Facebook group through search results which is a great way as it demonstrates we are being picked up.

Discord - The Discord has had member participation also building alongside the Virtual Airline.

We are stronger together

Aus Virtual Pilots has been pushing strongly for the past 11 month. Thank you for choosing to fly with us, spend time with us, and be a part of this journey with us. We are truly passionate about building this group for our members and becoming a representative group for flight sim and aviation in Asutralia and New Zealand. A huge thank you goes to all the members of the team working in events and sacrificing their own time to build this group. They are always appreciated by myself and I am sure by all members.

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much" - Hellen Keller

Nicholas Mayson

Aus Virtual Pilots President